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The one who travels and exists in waking, dream and sleep state. She is the truth that exists in permanent and impermanent. She is like an enchantress within a dark forest and also the one who removes the cloak of Maya in a moment.

The one who breaks the Tapa ( meditation ) and also the ultimate fruition of the Tapa. Rising upwards from Muladhara like a snake ; she is also reached deep down to the abyss like roots of grand tree whose majestic trunk and branches are reaching high up into the forest. She is in our daily mundane existence shining within everyone ; She is Bhairavi.

In frame : K Raginee Yogesh

Creative Direction, writing & Photography : Yogesh K

Concept art & Fashion Styling : @k_raginee_yogesh

website :

repost/painting/sketching not allowed

Copyrights reserved

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