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The song of the Rann : Kutch photo story

Updated: Jan 23

The land where sturdy wandering souls and wind rules. Blazing heat and cold winds of the night changes everything it touches. The land that rose from the ocean bed has been touched by the salt from eons turns white in the winter and summer. It's a magical place where silence reigns.

Designs of nature : Great Rann of Kutch

Colours of nature plays their charms and shows us entirely new facets of the planet earth. Same way the people who are hardened by the weather prefer to communicate with their eyes, music and action. The colourful attire and texture of their clothes enchants the viewer.

Raginee in a local costume

It might be a novelty to us but everything is unique over here. The lady walking on the ocean of the salt looks like a fairy floating on an infinite carpet. Her graceful movements captures the eyes, ears, mind and the heart. The colourful dress and her movements. are nothing but the goddess incarnated in a human form.

Designs of nature : Great Rann of Kutch

What draws you to Kutch ? Millions of answers will not be enough. But it will always call you once you have been there. However hot or cold it is; still it offers something in between to soothing all senses. Just like the dusk time between the day and night.

Being here on the vast land one's mind goes into the meditative mode without even trying to achieve that sharp focus. Everything goes away from us and the soul is bare in front of the land. Just you and the nature. Sometime I feel here time is also free from the clutches of 9 to 5 cycle. A big relief to the inhabitants who follows the natural cycle.

A shepherd with his herd.

This land has sufficient for the people who adapted to the environment and thrived by living frugally. They are known across the globe for their entrepreneurial spirit. The nature instills something that we cannot learn from institutions. An education to flourish even you are challenged by the limited resources.

Bird nests on a tree.

The song of the Kutch rings into your ears whenever you recalls that moment in the mind. The gathering of thousands of flamingos, extraordinary sunsets, vast land covered by the salt and sea water. Shepherd, their family along with sheep and camels. Finite and infinite both are present here and now in Kutch.

Maldhari camel herder : Kalo Dungar

Everything goes in a rhythmic cycle and you are the spectator. The vehicle goes on and on over miles. No one to disturb you except your own mind. The art that is distinct of the place calls you again. A shepherd or a camel herder wearing colourful clothes, or a lady doing her craft on cloths and all over the house.

A Maldhari temporary settlement

What surprises me more is the symbiotic relationship of the people with the land. Since the age of the Sindhu civilisations people were part of the land that looks barren to a layman. Dholavira and surrounding villages were actively engaged in creating necessary environment for living well. But they made it beautiful through farming, domesticating animals, water management, art, music. You cannot ignore Kutch from your mind when you have been there.

Khavda pottery

A paradise for a nature lover, foodie, art lover or a tourist who just wants to enjoy. The hospitality of Kutch makes you fall in love with it. And what you will not forget is the longest sunset that you have chased ever while driving on the Dholavira to Khavda road.

Dholavira to Khavda road sunset.

One blog is not enough to describe the treasure it holds. The alleys of Bhuj, Bhoonga ( circular huts ), Kutch Dabeli, pottery, dresses, Hunarshaala ( alternative architectural practice lab ) and many more are waiting for you. Ultimately before we depart I will suggest you to visit Kutch in winter. You will return with full of memories and smile on your face.

A school going girl in a beautiful local dress

Words & images : Yogesh Kardile

All rights reserved.

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