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बिनोदिनी | BINODINI

रबिन्द्रनाथांच्या बिनोदिनी या कथेवरून प्रेरित होऊन साकारलेली छायाचित्र रूपातील नायिका. सौंदर्य, लज्जा आणि त्याचसोबत शोकांतिका याचे एकत्रित रूप म्हणजे ती. सौंदर्यवती असून देखील हळुवारपणे आयुष्य जगताना तिला येणारा एकटेपणाचा शाप  आणि शोकांतिका यांचे कथांमधील मिश्रण मला नेहमीच आकृष्ट करीत राहिले.

Inspired from the Rabindranath Tagore's celebrated work Binodini we have decided to recreate her in the studio. Adapting the Nayika ( protagonist ) in our own way was an interesting challenge. The beauty along with Lajja and tragedy were part of her. Eventhough being a beauty and a quietly living her life she was cursed to be lonely. The mixture of that with the tragedy attracted me even more towards this subject.

 आपणच सर्वांचा केंद्रबिंदू असावे अशा विचाराच्या समाजात एका कोपऱ्यात तिचे अस्तित्व कोनाड्यात तेवणाऱ्या ज्योतीसारखे. स्निग्ध प्रकाश देत असून नसल्यासारखे. कुठल्यातरी प्रसंगामुळे किवां गैरसमजूतीच्या जाळे विणले गेल्यामुळे कुटुंबातून दूर गेलेली ती...  

Currently in this age everyone wants to be at the centerstage of world it's rare to find people like her. She is a person who is illuminating her surroundings like a lamp that is in the corner of the house. The lamp that lightens the house but remains ignored. She is the one who is in the house physically yet due to misunderstandings or a situation become aloof from the family.

प्रत्यक्ष आयुष्यात देखील अनेक नायिका तिच्यासारख्या शापित राहिलेल्या. जसा गुलाबाला काट्यांचा मिळालेला शाप तसेच कथानायिकेला बहुतांशदा एकांत आणि गूढता नेहमी धुक्यासारखी वेढून असते.

We come across such Nayika's many a times in our life. Just like a rose is cursed to be surrounded by the thorns they are also engulfed by the loneliness and mystery forever. Maybe it's her fate one can say or the people around her.

तिच्याविषयी नायकाला असलेले अनाम आकर्षण नातेसंबंधांना पार करून एकत्र आणते ते पुन्हा तोडण्यासाठीच. नियमांच्या पल्याड असलेली ती आपल्याला कधीतरी कुणामध्ये दिसते पुन्हा आपल्या कोशामध्ये अदृश्य होण्यासाठी.

Yet the hero cannot control his love and urges to meet her by crossing all the barriers of society and relations. They met for a brief time and torned apart forever. She on the other side who is beyond all rules and societal structure again goes back into her own cocoon.

Writeup & Photography : Yogesh Kardile

Muse : K Raginee Yogesh

All rights reserved.


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