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Raginee Kardile

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Model, retoucher, trekker, teacher, Yogini, Fashion stylist & fashion activist

These are the layers of me that I wear like hats depending upon the occasion and tasks I have to accomplish.


I am driven by a purpose and travel helps me to achieve that. It's a fulfilling, rejuvenating and also tiring sometimes. But the learning opportunities that it offers are tremendous. Otherwise it is not possible for a common housewife. So I chose to take advantage of that I came out of my shell with my partner for life Yogesh.

How can you be a part of my mission ?

You can go through our blogs , share it with likeminded people. Organise talks and exhibitions in your city or organisation. You can even support our travel by purchasing exclusive prints. Or join us on a customised tour anywhere across the nation.

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