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Shringar Rasa

This body and mind composed of Navarasa ( Nine emotions) is bound with the five elements ( Panch Mahabhutas ) . And the bestower and destroyer of all these rasas, Surya that is constantly playing more or less vitality in us through these rasas. Nothing can be bad or even good in this creation created by God. We experience it both individually and universally, on our own parameters of for and against. And within the limits of space and time ; social acceptance is constantly changing. What does not change is the rhythm of the body, the beauty and the unknown urge for it. So the social constraints / construct does not work for long but the rhythm of nature itself continues to find its way and expands with full force.

The power that we see in a warrior experiencing heroism ( Vir rasa ) is present in the gaze (Shringar rasa) of a young woman who wounds that warrior with a simple glance, and the same power is present in the compassion (Shant rasa) of a calm Yogi in a meditating posture.

The waves pounding on the stones, obeying nature without considering the consequences, collectively wear away the stones over the years and wear themselves out.

A fire-loving moth merges with that flame and dies out. Also, the young man who is lovestruck by an eye contact forgets his identity. Even if it is momentary feeling of happiness, one gets engulfed in the Maya created by Shakti.

While a large section of the society is afraid of that power and decides to give up adornment completely, but wishes for its attainment secretly in their heart. Whatever is best, natural, beautiful, rhythmic is the most beautiful manifestation of shakti. Rain makes the earth fertile. Animals, birds, butterflies and men and women love to adorn themselves from the things sprung from the same five elements. Beauty is the passionate expression of nature. And no one can be exception to that. Adornment, luxuries, various arts & performances enjoyed by the five senses is the taste of life. A stage on the path to equanimity is the Shringar rasa. Adornment ( Shringar) is the worship of the body we inhabit while interacting with the creation. Yes, it is also the basis for climbing the next step without being stuck there.

Creative Direction, Write up & Photography : Yogesh Kardile

Muse & Fashion styling : K Raginee Yogesh

All rights reserved.

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