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The price for being an artist

One who is crazy enough to be an artist must be ready to be misunderstood from his peers and kins. One who wants to bathe in the glory must be ready to be shamed.

The one who wants to immerse into creation must be ready for destruction and sacrifice. He who wants to call himself an artist must be ready to be ignored by the public. To look into the creation itself and imbibe that fire will only help to light a soothing lamp for the others. But beware ! That fire is going to consume you from within. Be ready to lick your own wounds. Someone’s pain is another's drama.

You never choose to be an artist but the art chooses you. You are only a medium with an ego who thinks to be a creator. Who is elated by the beautiful journey and scared of the deep chasms of loneliness. You are a mere mortal who chose art over material.

A man who is passionate enough to forget sufferings for partake into the creation. A man who knows yet refused to follow the path of the sage who has understood nothingness. For the sake of making the play of the Shakti more colorful, vital and worth living for.

Photography & words : Yogesh Kardile

Muse : K Raginee Yogesh

All rights reserved.

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