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Uncovering thyself

Human body ; a creative and complex co creation of nature and human. As good and as natural like a tiger roaming into the wild or a muscular horse running freely on the grasslands. Naked and beautiful since the day that came out of the mother's womb. Nothing different from all other living creatures who shares this earth with humans. 

But as per the place, culture, time and moral values it is tied down by the society. Tirelessly working in the name of job or professional work.  The same society do not allow the humans to take sun rays all over body, nor to be caressed by the wind nor swim without any inhibitions. The skin that nature has blessed with  is considered as a sin when it is open to elements. And covered in the pretext of modesty that becomes the cultural norm. 

Then the same crowd considers people who are close to nature as primitive. Rather those who expose their body to the elements like sunlight, wind and rain are actually nourished well. But unfortunately they are considered inferior by the society that is always on the lookout to hide their wounds and pain by covering their bodies with colourful and intricately designed costumes. And it becomes their reality. 

The naturalness of unclothed body is covered by morality. The victim of yesterday  becomes the oppressor of today with the age and experience. This goes on in every generation. But nature always wins.

The desire to break free always erupts once in a while. If not whole life but in the end nature takes over.  The very first time when the body is lit on the funeral pyre it burns nothing but the clothes first. The naked truth of life that we always try to cover. 

Muse : K Raginee Yogesh

Photography & Write up : Yogesh Kardile

All rights reserved.

Reposting, copying, sketching, painting or any other usage is not allowed.

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