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A visual exploration of the quest of everyone of us inhabiting in a body. A thirst to fuse with the ultimate and disappear into this cosmos. A physical and metaphysical journey in the repeat mode of many life cycles. The divine dance beyond pain and pleasure. Vibrating with the cosmos to finally become the cosmos itself.

Divine Dance : with each breath that goes in and out Shakti breathes life into him. Each cell dances on the cosmic rhythm. Every crashing wave, curls of the wind, flying sand blasts with full rupture. The whole existence becomes one. And the dancer himself becomes the dance itself.

The quest : the moon that brings tidal waves in my heart and the sun warming my whole existence are playing with me. Tossed between two of them I am standing on the earth. On a quest to be stung by her serpentine power and be free from this Matrix.

Courtship : The yearning knows no bound and drags him to her. Whispers of her soothing voice rings in his head and floats on the waves. He possesses mighty will yet becomes restless with each forward step. Her calm composure and his yearning may collide in sometime. To woo her or disappear into his own world consumes his soul. Until he realises he has chosen to be with her. Breathing life into the LIFE itself is their ultimate destiny.

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